I LOVE to travel! 

These are My upcoming travel dates to cities I will be visiting for DOMINATING, SUBJUGATING and TRAINING your mind and body for Me. I also may be attending fun lifestyle or upscale events in your city, so be sure you inquire and beg with conviction if you can be the lucky one to tribute for an opportunity to be on the other end of My leash.

Hilton Head April 6th- April 9th
Charlotte April 10th-12th
Chicago April 17th-20th
DOMCON LA May 16th-23rd

I only travel by invitation, and the appointment should be more than 3 hours — see My tribute page.

A 40% deposit is required for all exclusive trips. 
Airfare, hotel, and any transportation cost to and from events, restaurants or airport is NOT included and must be covered by you in advance. Upon receiving the cost and deposit I will book My own air transport and hotel.

[ Past Travel Dates ]

Seattle March 24th- April 3rd 2017
March 13th-15th 2017
February 27th- March 2nd
February 17th-24th 2017
February 9th-12th 2017
February 1st-7th 2017
AVNs Las Vegas January 18th-24th 2017
Orlando December 17th-18th 2016
Sarasota December 12th-16th 2016
Orlando December 8th-11th 2016
DC December 4th-6th 2016
Miami December 1st-4th 2016


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